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Andraé Crouch and God’s Message for Our Family

Andraé Crouch and God’s Message for Our Family

I was planning my evening to go to my friend’s 27th birthday party, when I got the news my mom had been readmitted to the hospital.  She had only been home for 5 days.  Seven days before, my Mom was admitted to the hospital for edema which had made her legs soft like marshmallows.  Doctors had also found two blood clots.  One pulmonary, and one in her leg.

I wrestled with heading to the emergency room where my mom, my dad, my sister and two of my parents closest friends, had already been waiting for hours to be admitted – or going to be with my friends to distract me from the worry that consumed me. In thoughts of my mom, I made a twenty-six picture collage out of 8½ x 11’s with aspirations of a cheery hospital room.  When I finished my collage, I took a shower and got into bed.  I called my dad.

My dad assured me that I should go to my dinner.  If I came first thing Saturday morning it would be better, and my mom added her reassurance in the background.  Still, I laid in my bed in my pajamas in a dark room and pondered my decision.  The night wore on and although I knew my friend would understand if I felt it was important to be with my mother, I still felt it was important I go celebrate with my friends.  I wrestled with my decision, and decided to call my dad again for an update.

His phone rang to voicemail which raised my level of anxiety, and I burrowed deeper into my covers.  As I was lying there, my phone rang and annoyed me from the ball of covers around me.  It was my friend Ruthie.  She was on her way to the party and asked what I was up to.  I told her I was going to take a nap asked her to let me know when she got to the party.  As my head ran over every detail of what I knew of my mom my phone rang, and it was my

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