This Last Year….Has Been a Blur


My last UPDATE was June 9, 2014 because I’ve been using Facebook as a means of “real time” updates.  However, since has been refreshed, I will endeavor to update those closest to Irene here.  Our aspiration is to be brutally honest….sharing days of blissful victory and also those of anguishing challenge.  We cannot begin to express what it has meant for the last eight years to have a strong, caring and praying community surrounding Irene on this journey….which continues through today.  THANK YOU.  Even with the most recent good news at UCSF (no new cancer and the primary amyloidosis remains in remission), Irene still struggles on most days, challenged by chronic fatigue….combined with insomnia, with aches and pains too many to specify.  She remains determined to overcome and continues to defy the odds….her signature smile ever present, even on the most difficult of days.  UCSF is an amazing medical team…..both at the Oncology and Post-Kidney transplant level…….and beyond their ongoing treatment, it’s been Irene’s Faith, Family & Friends which have been the defining difference on this journey.

Thanks for caring,


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