Well Wishes From Martha Price

Dear Dave and Irene:

Just a note to tell you how much I love you and to assure you that I continue to pray for BOTH of you.  Marsha told me that she read several case studies that were very positive. I have heard several testimonies lately on TV about healing.  I feel that the Lord touched me due to so many people praying and my recovery is faster than the doctors expected.  The first night that I was home from the hospital, the chorus kept going through my mind, “I am the Lord that healeth thee” and such a peace came over me.  That is the only line of the chorus that I know, but it is enough.  I am going to sing and believe, “I am the Lord that healeth Irene.”

I know Dave, from experience, this is not easy for you either.  I think sometimes it is easier to be sick than to be the caretaker and advocate for your wife.  It is so hard to see your loved one sick and having to go through so many tests and painful times.  I pray that He will give you the added strength and wisdom that you need and that His peace and love will surround both you and Irene.

Much love,


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Well Wishes From John Lightfoot


I was at church Sunday and they were wrapping up a series on Spiritual Pathways.  We were talking about those that draw closer to God through nature.  They were showing a lot of video of God’s creation and reading scripture during the video.  Then a member was brought up to share his testimony.  He like, me, became a Christian during his college days.  He was in a biology class and was looking at slides under microscopes for the purpose of seeing evidence of evolution.  Like me (taking Cell and Developmental Biology at Irvine) he became more convinced, the closer he looked, that life had to have a creator and was not the result of evolution.  They could have just as well played a video and flashed the faces of people on the screen, a display of the brilliant work of God.

I am thankful for a brilliant Creator that created brilliant people to be brought into your life at this time. God can heal Irene in an instant, as I hope and pray he will, or he can allow us all to experience His creation through the people he brings into your life.

I can’t walk in your sandals Dave, but I am willing to walk beside you.

Let me know if you need anything.

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Well Wishes From Don Thomas

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the update and we pray for you and Irene each morning.

Please know that we have a series of prayer teams lifting you, Irene and the UCSF Medical Team up in prayer each day, and that will continue as we truly ask God for a healing miracle, a clear diagnosis and treatment plan, and an opportunity for Irene to be a living example of God’s love to all of those who care for her these days.

In prayer and service,

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