Combine Lack of Sleep and Nausea and What Do You Get?

8 p.m…

Combine lack of sleep for three consecutive nights with chronic nausea and what do you get…?  Pure, unadulterated, CHRONIC FATIQUE and MISERY.

Irene’s had a rough few days.  Her arm is aching this evening following dialysis treatment and she’s so incredibly exhausted that she has moments of dizziness when she walks about.  She moves about from the bed, to the couch, to the lazy boy downstairs…endeavoring to find a comfortable position to sleep.  Even when she lays down she literally tosses and turns from one side of the couch to another…very slowly, and painfully because of the pain in her arm and extreme tiredness…

I just asked her on a scale of 1-10 where the nausea is at this moment and she responded with an 8.

I asked her on a scale of 1-10 where the fatigue is at this moment and she responded with an 11.

We hope that she can sleep well tonight and that tomorrow morning is the start of a better day.

We promised transparency…both the days that are “okay” and the days that are painful and difficult…….so, there you are.

Thanks for caring,

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  1. Cecilia Alvarez 5 years ago

    Tia, hang in there. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your one of the most strongest women I know, and the others come from the same blood! Miss you deeply.

    Love you always, Ceci

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