You Are Judged By The Strength Of Your Enemy

“You are judged by the strength of your enemy”  –  unattributed

You are judged by the strength of your enemies

I’ve always resonated with that quote and believe it can be directly applied to Irene’s journey.  Her real enemy, since 2007, is the ruthless & merciless, Primary Amyloidosis.  To date, she has defied the odds and conquered that incurable, relentless disease……not letting anything stand in her way….including a 24/7 bed of suffering, unyielding nausea and ruthless kidney dialysis treatment which only recently has been relieved by the kidney transplant.  YAY….!

A remarkable number of resources have rallied in support of this tenacious fight….an amazing UCSF Medical Team, innumerable family & friends……and a buoyant, ever present faith.  Her signature smile has become familiar to tens of thousands who continuously cheer her on.  And, although the enemy is currently in remission, Irene lives with the reality that it may someday return.  She’s also acutely aware that the new kidney organ may reject.  She’s determined to overcome, however, adjusting to the new routine of anti-rejection meds and fatigue that accompanies kidney transplant recovery.

We judge Irene by her inexorable courage, poise, cheerfulness, stamina and grace…..delightfully delivered to all who encounter her….she is deeply grateful for the entourage of continued support.

“You are judged by the strength of your enemy”

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